Friday, 28 September 2012

Beans means?

What do beans mean for you?

Baked beans are great - everyone loves baked beans don’t they? - and so versatile but my absolute fave at the moment is black bean tacos.

 Grilled Taco © 2009 N Muryama Creative Commons Licence 
I love them with loads of creamy guacamole and spicy tomato salsa.  They all disappear at super speed in our house. 

My other big bean favourites are a nice hot chilli, stomach warming Italian style pasta and bean soup and - if I can count chick peas as beans -  a lovely thick dahl. 

They are all really great now autumn is here and I need something filling to keep out the cold and the wet. 

What are your favourite bean recipes?

Note to self: Hold off the hunger pangs with a big bean fest!

Did you know? Medical research shows brilliant beans can reduce bad cholesterol AND regulate blood sugar in people with diabetes AND reduce the risk of bowel cancer AND reduce blood pressure. Wow!

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