Friday, 28 September 2012

Switching off ...

I'm a bit of gadget addict.  I love my computer and my mobile phone.  And boy do I find it hard to switch them off.

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What about you? Are you a gadget geek whose lost without your latest toy?

Now I've got a smart phone and a laptop it's even worse.  They can and do go anywhere with me including to bed!  

Every night it's the same.  I try to get myself off to bed by 11ish and then I think I'll just check my mail one last time! And then I'll just write one more tweet! And then I'll just look at Facebook....!

Fatal.  Before I know it - it's past midnight and I'm starting to wake up.  And I only finally get to sleep at 1 with the laptop shoved on the floor by the bed.  And then I sleep badly and wake up grumpy. Hmmmm.

I really love a good night's sleep.  Getting into bed before I'm exhausted and gently dropping off just feels great. So I am taking up arms against myself and my gadget addiction. 

I wrote a list of 5 reasons I love sleep and 5 reasons gadgets aren't good at bedtime.  Whenever I am tempted by one more tweet I will fight back with why it's a bad idea.  And then I will switch everything off and go to bed.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Note to self: Nothing beats waking up after a great night's sleep!

Did you know? Good sleep reduces your risk of heart disease.  Doctors aren't sure why, but they think a well rested heart reduces blood pressure and inflammation of the heart.

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