Friday, 28 September 2012

Taking it slowly ...

I have to confess I am not very good at taking it slowly.  I am one of those people who rush around like a wound up toy until I am all unwound and exhausted.  And then I just flop.

What about you? Do you manage to find some time everyday to enjoy a bit of a go slow?

"Tasting the sun" © 2006 Pedro Simoes Creative Commons license 
As I beetle around my breathing gets really short and shallow and I've learnt this makes my heart pump faster and faster.  And if my poor old heart has to go like the clappers to keep up, I get even more exhausted.

So I am having a go at breathing slower.  I try to take 5 minutes first thing just to sit still and breathe!  I breathe in slowly through the nose and let my belly expand and then exhale slowly through my mouth.

And if during the day I find myself in a tizzy I sit down - even if just for a minute - and breathe slowly.  I instantly feel calm and energetic which is a brilliant combination.

Note to self: Take a minute to enjoy a bit of slow breathing.

Did you know? If your heart pumps slower, your blood pressure comes down.

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