Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A few too many!

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It's so easy in winter to drink just a little too much - the cold, Christmas!

And then, there's summer - the sun, holidays!

And then, there's everything life throws at us in between and before you know it those units are really adding up to just too much ...

But, I want more energy.  I want to be firing on as many cylinders as I have got.  I don't want to feel tired, irritable, guilty and in need of another drink!

So with Lent starting next week I am going to cut right down.  After an alcohol free, coffee free, super food full 40 days I should be buzzing with energy by Easter!

To help me out I've collected 25 practical tips to cutting down and am going to put at least some of them into action come Tuesday ... they'll be no quick glass of wine with the pancakes this year!
  1. Have nice soft drinks - not sugary - in the fridge
  2. Plan in advance soft drinks to choose when I go out 
  3. Have a refreshing soft drink first so not drinking because thirsty
  4. Put cork back in after pouring a glass
  5. Keep wine bottle off table
  6. Put wine bottle back in fridge 
  7. Alternate alcohol and a soft drink
  8. Drink smaller sizes - a large 250ml glass is a third of a bottle!
  9. Choose lower strength alcohol
  10. Tell family and friends cutting down
  11. Agree with friends and family to have some no alcohol days
  12. Set a limit for drinks a week - half of what typically drink
  13. Sip not slurp!
  14. Talk more, drink less :-)
  15. Only drink with food
  16. Stock up with other healthy treats for when sad,  tired, angry ...
  17. Just say no
  18. Avoid people who don't want to cut down
  19. Meet up in cafes not bars or pubs
  20. Calculate savings from not drinking 
  21. Come up with alternative habits to mark "trigger" times - NO more "Drink O'Clock"
  22. Come up with alternative habits to mark "trigger" days - NO  more "TGIF Blow Out"
  23. Mix anything you can with selzer water
  24. Remember enjoyable benefits of cutting down
  25. Take it a day at a time and celebrate each day's success
What are your favourite tips for cutting down on the drinks?

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  1. I have a strict policy to alternate wine with water when we are at parties. This one thing has slowed me down a great deal and made my morning afters much more pleasant. I also don't allow others to refill my glass. When you're sitting and being waited on, it's all too easy to overindulge.