Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A little bit of sunshine ...

The sun is not always my best friend. I have Vitiligo which destroys pigment so I burn very easily in even gentle sunshine.  But I have discovered that getting a bit of fresh air and some sunlight everyday - sunshine not always being possible in Britain! - is really important for my health.

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Sunlight is our best source of vitamin D and vitamin D is pretty powerful stuff.  I didn't realise how powerful until I discovered that my repeated bouts of flu - despite the flu jab - were probably caused by vitamin D deficiency.

I always thought that vitamin C was the thing to take for colds and flu - and it is - but apparently vitamin D totally trumps it and is even more important!

What do you like to do to enjoy the fresh air?

Note to self 
Enjoy a good 30 minutes fresh air every day

Did you know?
Lidos were built in Britain after the great flu epidemic of 1918 to help people get more vitamin D.

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