Wednesday, 26 September 2012

So you know how to breathe, right?

What do you mean? Of course I do!

Well I didn't.  When I breathed in, I sucked my tummy right in and when I breathed out, let it back out again.  I'd got it completely the wrong way round!

"Haiku" © 2010 Julie Scott 
Apparently, I needed to breathe in through my nose and let my tummy expand and then breathe out through my mouth and let my tummy gently fall back.  

How could I be getting it so wrong all these years? Actually, I am not the only one.  Lots of us forget what we knew naturally when we were born. 

I've now discovered that breathing well is the most amazing "medicine" that can help control all sorts of conditions including high blood pressure, IBS, COPD, stress and depression.  Wow!

Note to self
Let my tummy expand as I breathe in through my nose.

Did you know?
Clinical studies have shown that breathing well can reduce blood pressure, COPD, anxiety attacks and IBS symptoms.

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