Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My favourite fruit ...

What's your favourite fruit?

As a child it was easy, strawberries, but now I am not sure.  There's just so much great stuff available these days.

I like the everyday quick stuff - bananas, apples, pears.  I love all those sweet summer berries - strawbs, raspberries, blueberries - that you can chuck on your cereal or jazz up a yoghurt with.  And I adore all the luscious tropical stuff - pineapple, mango, melons, peaches - that seems like such a treat because it used to be more scarce.

But now it's September I think my favourite are those tart and zingy English autumn specialities - damsons,  blackberries, plums and hard as a nut little apples. 

What about you, what do you like best?

Note to self ...
Fruit is yummy, don't forget to enjoy lots of it!

Did you know?
Medical research shows a diet rich in fruit can help to reduce blood pressure in less than 14 days. 

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