Wednesday, 3 October 2012

And relax!

I've really enjoyed taking some time recently to sit down and breathe slowly.  It's such a simple thing but it really does help me to feel both calm and energetic!

I try to fit in a few minutes of breathing practice whenever I get a chance.  At work, on the bus, doing the washing up - whenever.  

And as soon as I start I suddenly notice that my body has been all tensed up. My shoulders are hunched up by my ears.  Or I am gripping onto the bus pole for dear life.  I know south London bus drivers are a bit crazy, but they're not that bad!

I am trying to be more aware of when I am tense.  Not just when I take a few minutes to relax but throughout the day.  And when I do notice I try to "unroll" the tension.  

Curiously, I've discovered that the best way for me to do this is to relax the tense part and then to tense it back up again, hold if for a few seconds and then relax it again.

What makes you tense? Work, commuting or the everyday dramas of family life?

Note to self: Notice when you're feeling tense
Did you know? When you are tense, your blood vessels tighten and this increases your blood pressure

Relax and enjoy a quick breather:

So you know how to breathe right?
Taking it slowly
Steady as it goes
Letting it all out

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  1. A nice post. Yes, we should spread this message to as many people who are in stress. I do deep breathing as well then and there. Now a days the instances of me getting tense is almost zeroed down especially becaus I have opened my heart to help the world. At work, I might be mildly tense but I try to take breaks. Keep your good work. Keep posting nice posts like this..

    If you get time look into my blog