Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What matters most to me?

© 2012 Lisa Sexton Creative Commons Licence
I've been thinking a lot recently about my family's health and well being.  To enjoy our lives to the full we may need to change some of the things we do day to day.

But change really can be tricky, can't it?  

Sometimes I just feel more comfortable with toddling along the way things are.  Sometimes I can think of all sorts of reasons why it would be a bad idea to change.  And sometimes I just keep putting it off until that tomorrow that never comes!

To try and help me work out what I want to change and how much I want to change it and whether I am ready to change, I've been asking myself the simple question, "What matters most to me?"

I think the four things most important to me are:

  • Enjoying life with my family
  • My family's health and well being
  • Being able to care for my family
  • Exploring new adventures for myself

Now, I am thinking about how my everyday habits contribute or not to these things I value most.

It's an ongoing process.

What matters most to you in your life?

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  1. Alis,
    Let me first congratulate you for such a beautiful blog. Some of the posts ar very informative. This blog shows you have inner strength, you care about not only your family but the people of the world. I am proud to answer your question as the first commenter.

    Currently what matters most to me in my life is my family's welfare and the next is welfare of the needy in the world. Wish you the best! Feel free to comment on my blog as well.