Wednesday, 3 October 2012

We make our own bed

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It's funny how small things can make such a big difference isn't it?

Like all parents of small children I'm still recovering from the sleepless nights.  Being dragged out of bed several times a night.  And just as you're finally slipping back into a slumber .. wail, wail, wail ... it's morning and you have to scramble back out of bed again.

I have to confess that bed making went out of the window in the early days.  There was always that tiny hope that I might be able to creep back in later.  Fat chance.  And when I finally dragged myself back to bed at the end of the day, the rumpled sheets and scrumpled duvet were the last thing on my mind.

But habits stick don't they?

A few years on and I am still trying to get back into they rhythm of really enjoying a good night's sleep. And now with no excuse I am still forgetting to make the bed.

It's daft because with a duvet, it only takes two minutes tops. And there is nothing so restful as slipping into a bed with straight sheets, plumped up pillows and a shaken out duvet.  Sweet dreams.

Do you get as much sleep as you would like?
What helps you to enjoy a really restful night?

Note to self: 
Make bed as soon you get up, it only takes a minute but feels so good!
Did you  know? Research shows that people sleep better when they make the bed every day.

Enjoy a good night's sleep with 
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  1. If one has four legged family friends then keeping them out of the bedroom is probably the best way to get a good nights sleep. Here I sit at 3 am because my two four legged furries (kitty babies) have pounced on me and I am now up for the duration. Oh well...bad me for not banning them from my room one day one! Heads up to any new pet owners...keep them out if you can for a better nights rest.

    1. Cats and a good night's sleep are not a great combination are they? And like children they have an amazing capacity to take up ALL of the bed!