Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A bit fishy ...

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I know not everyone does, but I really like fish and seafood.  Just about all kinds I think.  

I love mussels, prawns, crab, clams and tiny shrimps - but not  jelly fish, (yuk!), which I tried once on holiday.  And I'm partial to a plate of plaice and chips or baked cod or a fabulously ketchupy fish finger sandwich.  

But it's oily fish that I eat most because it's just so handy.  On toast.  With poached eggs.  In a chunky sandwich.  On a bagel. Tossed in at the last minute to some pasta or a salad.  No hassle and it keeps me going for the rest of the day.

But I have to confess I have got into a bit of a rut with it.  It tends to be tuna and salmon over again.

So this month I am going to rediscover some of my other old favourites - mackerel, sardines, whitebait, trout and eel - and spread my wings and try something new.   Maybe some Scandinavian style herring or kippers for breakfast or pilchards like my Gran used to eat.

Are you a fish fan? What's your favourite?
How do you like to eat it?

Note to self: It's all a bit fishy!
Did you know? Oily fish can help to the reduce "bad" cholesterol that contributes to heart disease.  It can also relieve symptoms of diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, psoriasis and depression.

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