Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Is it only skin deep?

The sky is grey.  The wind is raw.  And my skin feels the same!

It is partly vanity that is horrified by what I see in the mirror in the morning.  But also a suspicion that what I see on the outside reflects what is going on inside.

Obviously, the long term solution is a well balanced diet with plenty of Omega 3, Lycopne, Folic Acid, Anti-Oxidants, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, low fat protein and water!

But where oh where to start, without spending the whole week planning & cooking meals?

I need a quick easy to follow, boost to get me glowing through the rest of the winter. So  I've come up with 10 practical changes that I think I can easily work into my weekly diet:
  1. Eat porridge for breakfast - to pack in those oats first thing
  2. Drink green tea - I've given up coffee so this will provide a nice alternative ritual
  3. Alternate flax seed and olive oil in cooking 
  4. Snack on brazil nuts - super full of selenium and yummy
  5. Keep a bag of mixed berries in freezer to throw in smoothies & porridge and just have as they are frozen with yoghurt for a really scrummy desert!
  6. Snack on carrot sticks - if I keep a bag ready cut into sticks in the freezer will be easy to take a handful out every evening for easy snacking the next day 
  7. Make guacamole to dip those carrot sticks in once a week - apparently lasts better if you rinse the peeled avocado, mix with lemon & lime juice and store with the stone tightly covered in film
  8. Start cooking with sweet potato - not something I've ever tried but are super rich in vitamin c, beta-caratone, calcium, folate & potassium so great replacement for the normal spuds
  9. Give green smoothies a go - as an extra boost to ensure that I get a good two cupfuls of green veg every day - I am trying out some of the recipes at Green Thickies
  10. Get an extra blast of vitamin C from adding red peppers to more recipes
What are your best quick remedies to give yourself a boost inside and out?

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  1. Great post! EAting right does a skin good! I haven't found a green smoothie I like tho...still looking. Drinking water help give myself a boost, when and if I drink it, I'm a Diet Pepsi junkie...bad, I know. ;) I'm trying to quit.

  2. Great post! I've been battling dismal winter skin lately. These are great ideas.
    I clicked over from the link up at Ladybird Lane.

  3. great post..
    I SO agree.. SO many young women have terrible complexions. I think it is due to soda pop & not taking a multivitamin.
    Also .. Coffee is not a bad thing. actually in the last studies it has been shown to prevent throat & mouth sharpens thinking skills in maths & science.. esp when drank with sugar. But please don't condemn coffee out & out ..
    I always live by the motto .. EVERYTHING in moderation.. Over doing ANY thing can cause problems.
    Thanks again for your post. Lisa

  4. What a great post!
    This is Kelly stopping by from Smart School House to say thank you for sharing this with us at Whimsy Wednesday!

    Kelly from Smart School House

  5. All things I desperately need to be doing! We do eat a lot of sweet potatoes and we just peel them, cut into quarters and broil them with a little olive oil and sea salt... delicious! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  6. This is a great list and some good ideas. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!